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Roy Feldman

Hi, I am Roy Feldman, a Cloud Architect and founder of Electrablue Technology. I am a highly experienced software architect, developer, and project manger.

My experience in cloud application development led me to build a lightweight cloud architecture tool kit on top of the Ubuntu Cloud service framework. It allows me to quickly combine a wide variety of application services to efficiently develop, test, and deploy distributed applications to either a public or private cloud.I am using this cloud toolkit for a new educational software platform. It combines software tailored to run on the latest breed of ARM-based ultra-cheap computers running Linux along with cloud based services. It will offer much cheaper and easier access to educational materials than is now available to families and educational organizations around the world.I have substantial software development experience with distributed computing and virtualization technologies. For 26 years, I have been a software developer, architect, strategist and entrepreneur and an active participant in several open source projects. My clients have included Fortune 500 companies such as Agilent Technologies, Bank of America, J.P. Morgan, Polo-Ralph Lauren, General Motors, Intel, NTT (Nippon Telephone & Telegraph), Nomura Securities, Nippon Life Insurance, and NASA.I am a highly effective software project manager who is very comfortable working with geographically dispersed teams using collaboration, project management, and software automation tools. My experience managing distributed software projects began in 2000 and has included both commercial and open source projects.I have worked with Java since 1997 and Linux since 2000. I have a strong foundation in Agile tools and processes, automated testing and deployment, open source project collaboration, functional programming, Java, Ruby, Python, software design and architecture patterns, software development tools, expert systems, knowledge representation, software and business modelling, model driven development and domain specific languages.

Roy Feldman's Background

Roy Feldman's Experience

Open Source Project Leader at Open Software Factory

2006 - December 2010

I am the lead developer for the open source project Open Software Factory. (OSF) . It supports the rapid development of Java/J2EE applications from UML models. OSF generates applications based on the Spring and Hibernate frameworks and can be run in any standard Java Servlet container.

CEO at OpenSoft Solutions

2006 - 2010

I was the Managing Director of OpenSoft Solutions, a software service company based in Bangkok with presence in Singapore. We delivered innovative products and services for building Java/Spring based enterprise software solutions. Our mission is to "Bring your software models to life". To support our mission, we provide clients with consulting, training, and support packages focused on model driven development and other software "best practices". We have released multiple versions of an open source tool called "Open Software Factory" (OSF) OSF is compatible with all major UML tools, such as Rational Software Modeler. In short, it works with any UML tool that supports UML 1.4 or UML 2.x and can export the model into a XMI compliant format. We worked closely with the Sun/NetBeans team and became a certified NetBeans partner.

Technology Adviser at Software Industry Promotion Agency

June 2004 - September 2007

I was chief technology adviser to the Director of Thailand's Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA) . My primary responsibility was to develop and deliver a broad training program to update the curriculum of Thai university computer science programs. I created and delivered an ongoing series of courses, workshops, and seminars to Thai computer science university faculty and graduate students. The program focus was emerging IT technologies and best practices.

Independent Consultant at True Horizon LLC

2001 - 2004

I provided a variety of services including software development, software training, technology evaluation, and software architecture design. I also provided technology due diligences services to 2iCapital, an international Venture Capital company and served on their technical advisory board. In my spare time I participated in two Java based open source tool projects (ArgoUML and NetBeans).

Founder and CEO at True Horizon Inc.

April 2000 - May 2001

Founded True Horizon to provide high quality custom software development with a hybrid onshore/offshore model. The target market was SME's and startups in the US, primarily in Silicon Valley. Customers included the VC firm Red Leaf and the Wireless Software company Bonita Software. Based in San Francisco. CA with offshore partners in Bangalore and Mumbai.

Lead Technologist at Viant

January 1997 - March 2000

During my tenure at Viant, I was a major contributor to the definition of Viant's software development process and methodology. In particular, I worked to integrate elements of the Rational Unified Process into Viant's overall consulting service delivery model. I was a principal contributor in several major client projects, including Fortune 500 companies such as Bank of America, J.P. Morgan, Informix, and Ralph Lauren. I also contributed to the successful development of two Internet startups within Viant.

Senior Scientist at IntelliCorp

January 1984 - January 1994

I held several senior technical positions during my 10 year tenure. At the time, IntelliCorp was one of the leading Object Oriented software product companies , My primary roles were technical lead architect/senior engineer, senior scientist, and application consultant. As a technical architect/engineer, I led a team of engineers to develop the first commercial software development environment based on OO technology, Knowledge Engineering Environment ("KEE").Later, I contributed to the development of IntelliCorp's second generation OO development tool Kappa and its companion OO case tool, Object Management Workbench (OMW). As an application consultant, I developed custom OO applications in a variety of domains for Fortune 500 companies. Asa research scientist, I participated in research projects in collaboration with NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration).

Cloud Architect at Electrablue Technology

February 2011 | Reno, Nevada

I am a principal and chief cloud architect of a boutique consulting company, I am actively tracking the OpenStack and Ubuntu Cloud projects while developing a new lightweight and open source PaaS. We have already delivered an automated testing solution for Agilent Technologies built on parallel execution of multiple virtual machines across a private cluster running on a VMware platform.

Roy Feldman's Education

The Evergreen State College

1977 – 1984

Antioch University

1973 – 1977

Concentration: Philosophy, Film

Roy Feldman's Interests & Activities

My favorite activities include working out in my gym and hanging out in a good cafe. I enjoy reading and listening to a wide variety of music. Outdoors, I enjoy activities like snorkeling, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, camping and badminton. My interests include Buddhism and Meditation, Eastern and Western Philosophy, World History, BioHacking, Psychology, and Travel. My professional interests include Cloud and Distributed software, Domain Specific Languages, Agile Software methodologies, Agent based computing, and Testing strategies and frameworks.

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